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The brain behind the eyes and the hands

I was born in Bogota, Colombia, and I am currently living and working in Brussels, Belgium. I received my BA in 2011 as a Visual Artist with Emphasis in
Graphic Expression and my MA in Vrije Kunsten at Sint-Lukas Brussel in Belgium, 2013. I am currently studying Comic Design and Illustration.

Restlessness would best describe the conceptual line of my work, where each string of work is disjointed from previous ones, born from new ideas, inspiration
and interests, which are wide, growing and extend to -absolutely- all human disciplines. There is no commitment to continuity, nor to one method or line of work.
The only standing commitment is one to attempt and pacify the unquenchable desire to learn about the workings, twisting and turnings of the world.

Art, in it's undefinable and open character, conveniently suits this mission.


June 28-29, 2014 - MASTER EXHIBITION, SINT-LUKAS BRUSSEL - "Chateau Leopold" A self published documentary-illustrated book about colocataire life in Brussels. Brussel, België. Small preview

May 24-25, 2014 - ZINE CAMP @ WORM - Independent Publication. Rotterdam, The Nederlands. Zine Camp

December 13-15, 2013 - STRIPGIDS FESTIVAL TURNHOUT - Mural painting Reinterpretation of Lucky Luke. Turnhout, België. Facebook Page

December 2013 - January 2014 - BONNEFOOI - Limited edition Prints, Solo exhibition. Brussel, België.

November 21, 2013 - DE KOT ROUTE - Illustration. Young Artists make an Exhibition for one night in the student rooms of the city. Brussel, België. Brochure

October 2013 - REKULT - MEDIAMATIC FABRIEK - Amsterdam Zine Jam. Independent Publication. Amsterdam, The Nederlands

June 2013 - BOZAR SHOP - MAzar - Final master exhibition. Projection, sculpture, illustration and installation. Brussel, België Sint-Lukas Masters Webpage

February 2013 - SINT-LUKASGALERIE - Salon de Charbon - Drawing. Group exhibition. Brussel, België

June 2012 - HOGESCHOOL SINT-LUKAS BRUSSEL - Matters of space, concerns of size and limits of vision - Installation and illustration. Brussel, België

May 2012 - MASTER EXHIBITION SINT-LUKAS BRUSSELS - What can 17 people do together? - Groupwork exhibition. Brussel, Belgium

February 2012 - SINT-LUKASGALERIE - Yes. Yes. Everything is possible. It is a matter of personal perception - Photography and Installation. Brussel, België

July 2011 - EL PARCHE ARTIST RESIDENCY - Pinhole Photography. Bogotá, Colombia

June 2011 - TALLER 18 - Ahh? - Exhibition of Independent Publications - Finzine (Everything Comes to an End). Bogotá, Colombia

February 2011 - HARDCORE ART CONTEMPORARY SPACE - Je vais te diré un secret. Guest Artist for the exhibition Colombia Underground. Miami, USA

September 2010 - LAAGENCIA - je vais te diré un secret - Solo exhibition, Embroidery and Installation. Bogotá, Colombia

November 2008 - COMUNIDAD GALERIA COLOMBIA - Photography, People and the City - Photography. Cali, Colombia

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